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Your Homeschool Librarian

Your Homeschool Librarian

So, hey I figured out my secret identity. I'm a homeschool librarian. 

I'm not an actual librarian- but I can play one here on the internet. I'm also not a genuine teacher only I have seventeen years of experience and four graduates from the private school I administer. Once you become an autodidact the world opens up to you. (hat tip to MFS over at Nerdishly  (then Mental Multi-Vitamin) for inspiring me to make time to read even more and to talk with my kids about books)

I've been reviewing books here for awhile and even longer on my old Wordpress site and during that time the only place I've floundered is in figuring out what the point of all this was.

One thing I know is that I'm not trying to sell anything. In full disclosure, I do have Amazon affiliate links, but if I were hoping for that to make this sustainable, I would be one silly goose. I'm considering eliminating them entirely.

I end up earning $10-$15 a quarter, and even if I saved it and used it towards website fees (I don't- it hits my account, and I order books- immediately), it would cover only half of my Squarespace fees. 

Then what is this? It's a public service.

I've been homeschooling long enough that  I remember the days of juggling three or four kids in every subject. There is no way that I could read ahead of all of them with their leisure reading and all their curriculum. In those years I read thousands of books and continue to read at a brisk amount. In my reviews, I hope to give you a general sense of the story and then you can peruse the book before handing it over to your kid based on the kid and your family reading standards. 

By developing relationships with publishers, authors and book distributors I've been able to obtain advanced reading copies (ARCS) of soon to be published books that I review here with an eye to placing them in a homeschool curriculum by subject matter and age range.

I joined the American Library Association last year and continue to amazed by their mission, attitudes and their stamina for placing the right books with each patron. I was renewing my membership last week when something clicked. It may not be cost or time effective for me to get my library science degree now, but I can self-study and be your virtual homeschool librarian from here. (It was one of those lightbulb moments that you see in cartoons)

Part of the reason that readers love the library is that in that space if someone suggests a book to you it is in no way influenced by money. You can leave with a bag of books that you think you'll enjoy and have no buyers remorse. Don't like it- return it next week. It's one of the few places where I always endorse a property tax increase- libraries know how to stretch a dollar.

This post may be morphed over to my About page at some point. As time allows I'm hoping to add some new features that will make the site easier to navigate and print from in case you want to take a list with you.

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