The United States of Absurdity: Untold Stories From American History


 When this book popped up in my NetGalley feed three things happened:

Read that the forward was written by Patten Oswald

Read the authors were from The Dollop podcast

Murmured- “My precious” in a creepy Gollum voice.

The United States of Absurdity: Untold Stories from American History is everything you wanted to know about history, and you didn’t know it existed. If you’ve listened to The Dollop, these are the best of the best stories. If you haven’t, you should. If you like Drunk History and The Daily Show, this is right up your alley. Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds have found the weirdest funniest stories of real Americans. Laugh out loud funny. 

If you don’t like that style of odd, sometimes gross stories skip this one. There are stories you’ll have heard of and some you haven’t. The eggnog riot in West Point was new to me.

This book is not for kids. I’ll let my high schoolers read it but YMMV. (Your mileage may vary) This one won’t be published for a few months, but might be a fun Summer Beach read.


Jennifer Naughton

I'm a lifelong bibliophile who happens to love children's books and who should have become a librarian. Instead I horde books in case of apocalypse or the enactment of a Fahrenheit 451 type law. My five kids accept my addiction and have learned to accept books in odd places.