Review Policy

Thanks for stopping by.

I am currently accepting books for review.  Here are a few things you might like to know about my blog:

My acceptance of a book does not mean I will love it.  If I do review it, it will be my honest opinion of the book.  I post all of my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and link to them on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  You can look at my blog to see the format I follow for all book reviews. Submitting your book to  does not absolutely guarantee anything in return, but I do take all books into serious consideration. 

My rating scale:
5☆ - I loved this book and it brought out true emotion in me (laughter, anger, a good cry, etc)
4☆ - I loved this book. 
3☆ - I liked this book. 
2☆ - I didn't really care for this book. 
1☆ - I did not like this book at all and probably did not finish it. 

I accept E-books that are compatible with a Kindle as well as actual ARC copies.  I do love a book, book so paper ARCs are my preferred format, as I can then take beautiful pictures and give the books away to my readers. If there is a specific date upon which you need the review to be published, please let me know, and I will work with you as much as I can.

Please keep in mind I am an unpaid hobbyist reviewer as well as a full time homeschooling teacher. I am an Amazon Influencer and I do receive a small commission from them for items purchased with my link.

The only things I own in excess are books. I’ll tell you whether I think it’s hardcover worthy. In my opinion, there have to be beautiful illustrations or the story has to be re- readable to garner a spot on my permanent shelves. There are lots of books I love and are worth reading. Many of those I read on my Kindle or get paperbacks that I can pass on to others without fear that they won’t return.

Also, I am all about the library. I can’t own all of the books that are worth reading. The library buys them and holds them for me. It’s a lovely arrangement. If I rate a book as library worthy, it’s not a bad thing. Clear as mud?

Please email any questions or requests to Jen@GeekReadsKids.com

Please note that as a hobbyist I give myself the month's of July and December off and there may few to no reviews posted during those times. Even though I don't get paid, this has turned into almost a full time gig and 8 weeks of vacation is warranted.

Genres I review:

  • Children’s/MG/YA Fiction
  • Children’s/MG/YA Non-Fiction
  • Children’s/MG/YA Graphic Novels
  • Adult Nonfiction