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We homeschool for a myriad of reasons, and none of them are religious in nature. If anything we homeschool so that we can have more time to read.

My reviews are written for other readers, (homeschooling or not) I usually choose to review books that we will be using in our home. Lots of times they are advance reading copies (ARCs) from publishers, and you'll read a review here before they are even published. Most reviews are written with a homeschoolers slant: how they may or may not work in the homeschool setting, all are honest and mostly unpaid.

I am an Amazon Influencer, and we appreciate anyone clicking our links as the income helps to support this website. Sometimes I get deals on a curriculum in exchange for a review, but I promise to always disclose that, and I can tell you it won’t change my opinion either way.

We started homeschooling in 2001, and since then all five of my children have learned at home at the Viking Academy. Since that time four of the five have graduated from homeschool and gone on to various success. As adults, they are now an organic farmer, a union stagehand, a certified computer network specialist, and a college student studying photography. We have one 13 yo son still homeschooling and I am writing and reading more than ever! Stay tuned for news on that front.

I aspire to a year-round education model, and I roughly divide each year into half classical education and half child-led project-based learning. My educational ideal is one that is relaxed yet thorough. Above all else, I am a voracious reader and since 2016 have been a judge for the Cybils Awards.

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