The Acadia Files: Book Two, Autumn Science


The book so nice that I received it twice. I’ve got two copies of this what we in the home school world call a “living science” book to give away!

I’ll give one copy away on Instagram and one on Facebook. Just like the post and page. I’ll enter you twice if you share the post. We’ll draw a name on Thursday October 18 around noon Central time.

Acadia Greene is extremely curious about the outdoor world we live in and this book is a journal of both her questions and answers. The book starts with five stories of Fall and then is followed by her journal where Acadia “does science”. It’s a busy layout which usually bugs me, but the graphics are cute and the science shines through so strongly that I ended up liking it a bunch.

The science covered in this volume includes: Where do frogs go in the Winter? Time Zones, the water cycle, Why do leaves change color?, How do germs infect us? At first glance it sounds simplistic for the older end of the age range but my thirteen year old enjoyed it as the nonfiction it is. There were tidbits that he didn’t know.

The publisher puts the age range at grades 4-7, but I think younger kids will be fine with this, bringing it at more like K-3 as a read aloud and with the older range of 4-7 reading it themselves.

Even if your science list is planned consider adding this as a bedtime story or to your morning basket, I’m pretty sure it will be a hit. There is also a book one Summer Science if you want to pick that up for the end of the school year. I also heard that there is a Winter Volume in the works, but I don’t have a release date for that.

The Acadia Files: Book Two, Autumn Science by Katie Coppens

Picture Book Extravaganza

I got a bunch of picture books in the mail over the last 6 weeks. I’m desperately trying to clear the decks and so I present this ginormous combined post of reviews. Believe it or not, its harder to write picture book reviews simply because they are so short. I usually can’t write 200 words about a book with 100 words. It doesn’t mean I like them any less, I just have to be brief in my praise.

It’s Science

and fun. I love the two sizes of font so you can read the short or longer version depending on your kids attention span.


A Snowy

Adventure starts in a cabin and continues into the woods in this wordless picture book.


Front to Back

and back to front this adorable bedtime story lets you read it twice.

Don’t read this

from start to finish. Just like in Dr Who, time is wibbly wobbly. Best for the older end of the picture book audience.

The Improv Book

You didn’t know you needed. Damian sent me this book awhile ago and it is perfect for inspiring creativity at home or school.

The Goblin Princess: Books 1 and 2

I wish I had a six or seven year old to read to. This new series is so cute and clever.

It features a Goblin Princess, Matty, who is not as goblin like as her Mom (the Goblin Queen) would like.

The books themselves are small in stature and beautifully illustrated, perfect for the beginning reader to chapter books. They sent me hardcovers which I have already passed on to some new readers.

In book one, our Princess would like to adopt a Dragon Baby and has to convince her parents that he’ll be a bad dragon. In this world everything is opposite to ours. Even knowing that he is a sort of oddball too and fails his training and so it isn’t as straightforward as you’d think.

Eventually he wins the King over (by burning toast!) and he gets to stay at the Palace.

In book two, our Princess is back and reading about her opposite word continues to be hilarious. There is to be a Ball and everyone is busy making the palace as dirty as possible. Cobwebs need to be brought in and dust blown into each and every corner so they place looks just so.

The Goblin Princess: Books 1 and 2 by Jenny O’Connor

The Prophet Calls


Thanks to the @kidlitexchange network for this review copy.

The Prophet Calls is a story about a polygamist cult in New Mexico. It is a middle grade book and approaches all that you can imagine would be involved in that lifestyle with a middle grade lens. It is a page turner, the action never stops and several times I got pretty worried for the MC. The adults in the story don’t do anything to help the kids and so thirteen year old Gentry and her siblings have to rescue themselves from the life they were born into.

For awhile its unclear if Gentry will actually find a way to escape this life, but after her arranged marriage is announced she realizes that she has to leave while she still has the chance.

I don’t know that I would hand it universally to the younger end of the age range, but certainly kids in junior high would enjoy the adventure and look into a very different lifestyle.

The Prophet Calls by Melanie Sumrow

November 6, 2018